Beginning Acoustic Guitar

Beginning acoustic guitar will cover the very basics on playing guitar. Each student should have a decent, playable acoustic guitar,and an electronic tuner. We will learn simple open chords, strumming, rhythm, and learn to play with a 'backing track'.

Intermediate Guitar

Students must have a basic understanding of the guitar and be able to play simple open chords and Barre chords. We will add to those skills above and learn about solo playing and alternate chords. We’ll play a song at the end of the semester as a class. We’ll also introduce electric guitar into the student’s lives. Students should have a good quality 6-string acoustic and/or electric guitar, an electronic tuner, and some device at home that will play MP3 files through external speakers.

Thinking Outside the Box. Puzzles and Brain Teasers

Through fun and thought-provoking riddles, brain teasers, and other assorted puzzles, this class will give your child theopportunity to think ‘laterally’ . . . or outside the box. They will be given challenges from many different directions, (math, wording,visual, listening) to expand the way they think about and view problems. A fun and exciting way to exercise the brain!

Nature Study

Students will develop a greater understanding and love of nature. We will study many different aspects of nature including local flora and fauna, caring for the environment, do nature journaling, and much more.

Gym Fun and Basic Sports

A fun class involving games, sports, and teamwork. Students will be introduced to or continue learning in sports such as basketball, kickball, soccer, and more. We'll also have fun games as part of our classes to teach the importance of physical activity. Come learn and have fun with us!

Preschool: Learning Through Literature

A different state to learn about each wee with a craft to go with that state...

U.S.A States and Crafts

A different state to learn about each wee with a craft to go with that state...

Early Childhood Music

Ages 3-5 ( ages 18 months - 2 years old welcome with accompanying mother)-Children will learn basic rhythm patterns, tonal patterns, solfege, short songs to encourage broadening tonal experience, andenjoy the learning through music and movement using scarves, maracas, rhythm sticks, drums, and more.As a musical background Lacey Cope has the experience of:-Bachelor’s of Arts in Music-Vocal Performance from Brigham Young University (2011)-Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education (2013)-11 years Piano and Voice private lesson teaching experience-Early Childhood Music classes 4 years experience-Child and adult choir teaching in a church setting- 8 years

Essentials of Music Theory and Choir

Children will learn to read rhythm patterns, note values, rests, and on the staff music notation. They will learn the sign language tothe solfege alphabet and be introduced to sight-singing exercises. Folk music will be sung in two parts, encouraging the childrento become independent singers and musicians.As a musical background Lacey Cope has the experience of:-Bachelor’s of Arts in Music-Vocal Performance from Brigham Young University (2011)
-Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education (2013)
-11 years Piano and Voice private lesson teaching experience
-Early Childhood Music classes 4 years experience
-Child and Adult choir teaching in a church setting- 8 years

Cars and Cooking

In this fun and hands on class we will be covering useful skills in the kitchen and the garage! Students will learn how to change a tire, check engine fluids, how to use roadside assistance, and what different engines under the hood look like. Then they'll learn to cooking simple meals, and to read and adjust recipes for smaller groups. Getting ready to be an adult is easier with practice. This life skills class offers students a chance to practice real life situations in an engaging way.

Intro Into Art

In this intro, we will do some drawing, painting, and print making. We will explore turning our paintings and printings into mixed media. This is meant to help inspire creativity, and help kids explore new skills (or build their current skills).


Come and learn the basics of dance! We will explore ballet technique as well as hip hop and jazz. We will be learning routines through the semester and will perform at showcase for family at the end of the semester !

Hand Sewing

For beginners to more experienced sewers. We will be sewing small, felt animals and other creations. Students will practice different stitches, attaching buttons, threading needles, and become more comfortable with sewing skills! All materials will be provided.

DIY Crafts

We will be making a new craft each week. The list includes things such as DIY chapstick, handmade bookmarks, string art, sharpie art and much more! All the things we make will be things the student can use themselves or they will make a nice gift for someone else!

Shakespeare for Teens

The Bard is considered the greatest writer in the English language. His plays and poems have stood the test of time and culture for 400 years. He gave us great sayings like, "in a pickle", and "for goodness sake"! In this class we will read and watch Much Ado About Nothing. We will learn about Shakespeare and his language along with its impact on our world. We will also learn games, and history from Shakespeare's time in Elizabethan England. THIS IS NOT A PERFORMANCE CLASS, though we will do some small memorization. * As with all Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing has some adult themes and Elizabethan profanity, but nothing too bawdy.

Building Blocks of the Body

Our bodies are amazing! Come have fun learning about some of the basics of the brain, heart, muscles, bones, teeth, skin, lungs, and senses. We will have short lessons followed by crafts and activities to reinforce what we're learning.

Preschool: Little Gymmers

Come play with us in Little Gymmers! We will be learning with all kinds of toys and balls as we get the wiggles out. With fun songs and games, this is a great chance to work on cooperative play, taking turns, and gross motor skills in a playful environment.

Cooking With Raddish

This semester come and learn how to cook with Raddish. We will:"Discover a new fruit or vegetable each week.Build culinary skills such as chopping and whisking.Apply math, science, and reading comprehension skills.Explore geography, culture, and nutrition through cuisine.Complete a culminating project and host a “Garden Party.”"

Preschool Using Charlotte Mason

Exploring nature with children Daily nature exploration, book, craft and or sensory experience. Will be a minimum of 10 minutes outside daily. inspired by Charlotte Mason

Creative Writing

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour. This class is an opportunity for young students to be exposed to and inspired by the art of writing. We will explore writing short stories, poetry, creative pieces, world building and book crafting.

Intro to Botany With Microscopes

This course is for upper middle school and early high school students interested in a general overview of plants/ basic botany. We will touch on plant cells, photosynthesis, classification, adaptation, plant evolution, parts and functions, growth and development. We will be using microscopes in the first few classes to observe plant cells.


Workshops specifically developed for PreK. Included are video clips, read alouds and hands on activities. Lessons are aligned to Nevada pre-kindergarten standards, Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science standards

The Revolutionary War

We are exploring colonial and revolutionary war America. We will be studying the tensions between England and the Colonists that led to the war. We will develop a timeline that better helps students visualize these events. Major historical events of the time will be discussed. Highlights will include; The Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, The Declaration of Independence (including key participants), state flags and national flag, George Washington and crossing the Delaware.

Applied Improvisation and Drama

Experience the power of play through improvisational acting and comedy in a fun and safe environment. We will play games designed to encourage cooperation, communication and imagination. Practicing Improv helps with communication skills, instills confidence for a wide variety of other life skills, such as speaking in public, quick thinking, general silliness, knowing how to relax in stressful situations, and how to react with confidence. It will also help with fluidity of thought, speech, and body. Improv is one of the most fun ways to socialize, make friends, and keel over from laughter!


Use concepts from geometry and algebra to create stunning pieces of art. We’ll explore the Fibonacci sequence and fractals to wild string art and parabolas (and you don’t have to know what any of those mean yet!). This class promises to be a fun, handson, and creative mathematical experience.