Teaching at IMPACT is fun and rewarding whether you are a parent or a contracted teacher. The benefits are well worth the time and energy it takes to become a part of our homeschool co-op! Parent teachers are parents who have a child or children who are currently attending co-op. Parents may not be considered "contract" unless prior approval is made by the board (this is only in extreme circumstances). Contract teachers are teachers whom which come to our co-op specifically to teach classes and typically run a business. Contracted teachers do not have children who attend IMPACT.


Teacher Commitment

  • Session Commitment: Every teacher must commit to the entire session. Our sessions typically run for 10-12 weeks. If there is a specific week you are not going to be available, prior arrangements must be made. (see below)
  • Teacher Meeting: A mandatory teacher meeting is held the week before the start of each session.

Teacher Expectations


  • Supervised Children: Teachers are not to leave any child unattended in a classroom. If at any time you do not have a parent volunteer and to step away, please ask for an adult from the closest classroom to oversee your class.
  • Dress Code for Teachers: Teachers are expected to follow the same dress code as our children and families.
  • Cleaning up the Classroom: As a teacher we ask that you try to clean up as you go throughout your class, if your class has extra time at the end we ask that you take care of the chairs, garbage and wipe down the tables. This enables our Clean-up Crew to finish earlier.
  • Fire Drills: When a fire alarm is triggered teacher are to have students line up by the door, followed by the volunteers. The teacher is required to lead the children to the parking lot through the nearest exit. Teachers are to take roll and alert the board if any child is unaccounted for.
  • Teacher communication with Parents: Teachers need to email their student's parents any information or announcements for their class. These email addresses will be provided on your class roster.
  • Visitors and Extracurricular Activities: Please notify the Board of any visitors or extracurricular activities, including field trips, performances, and holiday activities. Please note: IMPACT will not coordinate any off site field trips, performances, etc.

  • Attendance and Class Admittance: The first two weeks of class you will receive a tentative class roster. Please set aside time to take attendance and verify the class roster provided to you. Your class size on the third week will determine your final class contracted rate, so please report any discrepancies to the director, as soon as they are detected. No child is to be admitted or switched from one class to another, or given verbal approval regarding admittance into your class without prior approval from our director.
  • Restroom Breaks and Release of Students: Children are permitted to use the restroom or drinking fountain at the teacher's discretion. Please remember no adult is allowed to be go in the restroom with a child alone (unless it is their own child). At the end of your class hour, please do not release the children out early. Use this time to clean up the classroom as much as possible.
  • Discipline and Sick Policy: If a student is sick, or out of line and will not respond to the direction of the instructor please send the student with a parent volunteer to see an available Board Member. The matter will be addressed with the parent immediately and a decision will be made regarding the student’s return to class. If there is not a parent volunteer available to act as an escort, please seek help from an adjacent classroom. Please ensure your classroom always has an adult present.